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Do you want people to be able to tell how far you have travelled at the end of the day? Above all, this should become obvious from a satisfied smile and the anticipation of the next stage? The comprehensive comfort package can make this happen. The practical floor lighting and the secure centre stand are also easy to use. The intelligent ECALL emergency call system provides peace of mind in the event of an incident and, thanks to the sophisticated liners for topcase and case, you can even carry shirts without creasing them. And to make sure your companion stays as relaxed as yourself, there’s also the comfort arm rest attachment.

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Floor lighting

Safe parking after sunset: floor lighting lights up the area underneath the bike and makes it easier to find a suitable parking space in the dark.

Intelligent emergency call ECALL

The intelligent emergency call automatically contacts the BMW call centre in the event of an accident in order to activate the rescue chain as quickly as possible. The vehicle position is transmitted and, if possible, an initial conversation with the person concerned is established. The system can also be triggered manually, such as to help other road users.

Centre stand

The centre stand ensures that the bike is standing safely and securely, offering advantages when refuelling, loading and unloading or during maintenance work.


The comfort package represents first-class travelling comfort and includes shift assistant Pro, Keyless Ride, central locking system and anti-theft alarm.

Basic bracket for passenger’s comfort arm rest

The robust basic bracket discreetly blends into the design of the bike and enables attachment of the passenger’s comfort arm rests.

Liner for touring case

The matching liners for the touring case bring order to your luggage and make loading and unloading easier. Thanks to the carry handle and shoulder strap, the bag can be quickly and effortlessly transported by hand.

Topcase liner

The matching liners for the topcase bring order to your luggage and make loading and unloading easier.

Design your K 1600 Grand America

Having seen these inspirations, all that remains is the question of “how exactly do you want to configure your K 1600 Grand America?”. The configurator is already waiting for you.

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