Tourist Trophy

Ready for road racing

This equipment option makes the hearts of racing enthusiasts beat faster. The fitting touring option for this bike: take a road trip to the Isle of Man and feel like a TT racer on the world-famous Mountain Course. No problem with these exclusive accessories.

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Radiator grille guard

The BMW Motorrad radiator grille guard provides secure protection to the radiator from tyre abrasion and damage from stone chips when on the race track.

M engine protector

The M engine protector with replaceable plastic pad protects the engine from directly scraping along the asphalt during extreme cornering manoeuvres.

M Carbon wheels

The ultimate high-tech feature. With M Carbon wheels, the bike brings maximum driving dynamics and agility to the road.

Rear assembly stand

The rear assembly stand makes it easy to jack up the motorbike at the rear wheel. The stand ensures a secure footing. It is extremely stable and boasts thicker material than conventional assembly stands. The double castors make jacking up easier and are particularly durable.

M chain tensioner with assembly stand mounting

The M chain tensioner with assembly stand mounting makes it possible to precisely set the chain tension as well as the rear wheel alignment, and gives the motorcycle a particularly sporty look. It is milled from a very light but dimensionally stable high-strength aluminium alloy. Double anodising ensures optimal corrosion protection.

M motorcycle mat 250 x 105 cm

An exclusive spot for your own bike: The M motorcycle mat not only features an appealing design, it also provides reliable protection for your floor while you service your bike. Another bonus is the slip-resistant and fire-retardant material it is made of. The practical mat measures 250 x 105 cm.

Maximum you

More cross-country or more racing? Long journeys or short tours? Alone or with a passenger? You not only have high expectations, but also your own ideas. Configure your MaXimizeR to your own needs.

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