The best time hunter

Best time, your time, better time

Are you looking for sporty challenges, is there no best time that is too fast to you? Then you are in the right place with this XR including the Dynamic package and M forged-alloy wheels. Together with the Carbon package and the M lightweight battery, you can even achieve a sporty 223 kg – roadworthy, mind you.

And with the M Performance, you can make your own unmistakable, exclusive, sporty design.   

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Dynamic ESA Pro

Dynamic ESA Pro (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) provides a second suspension mode as well as automatic riding position compensation. The ROAD mode offers even greater kingpin allocation than standard, with a focus on comfort. The additional DYNAMIC mode raises the athletic abilities of the XR to a new level.

Shift assistant Pro

The Shift assistant Pro enables the rider to quickly upshift and downshift in almost all load and engine speed ranges without operating the clutch. Thus, the assistant ensures noticeably reduced shift times, a relief of the clutch hand and thus increased comfort, dynamics and riding pleasure.    

M forged-alloy wheels

The black anodised M forged-alloy wheels reduce gyroscopic forces, thus increasing agility. With 5 mm brake pads, they offer the highest braking performance. 

Carbon package

The high-quality Carbon package emphasizes the sporty quality of the adventure sport bike and supercharges its dynamic look. This package includes the front and rear wheel covers, the integrated chain guard, and the side cladding. The add-on components here create noble as well as sporty accents with high-tech aspirations.    

Adaptive cornering light

The adaptive cornering light guarantees significantly better illumination of the roadway when riding around curves. The cornering lights of the Headlight Pro system trigger at inclines of 10°. In doing so, the low beam shines into the curve and provides the rider with considerable gains in terms of safety.    

The scenery hunter

In the city's mirror

Do you love rows of houses, narrow alleys, bustling squares? Then this S 1000 XR is exactly the thing for you. Thanks to the Headlight Pro, daytime running light, and the auxiliary headlights, you are guaranteed to see and be seen. Keyless Ride and ECALL also ensure convenience and comfort for every ride. 


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Headlight Pro and daytime running light

With Headlight Pro, the headlight has an iconic lighting element that functions as a position and daytime running light. In connection with the adaptive cornering light, this improves the rider’s ability to see and be seen, making rides safer.  

Auxiliary headlights

The high-intensity LED auxiliary headlights in the aluminium housing, thanks to their distinctive look, differentiate your bike from cars on first glance, thus making your rides safer. At the same time, they ensure better illumination of the road with their daylight-like light colour. The LED technology ensures almost wear-free operation.   

Tinted windshield

The tinted windscreen underpins the sporty look of the motorcycle. With scratch-resistant coating for permanent transparency. Alternatively, the tinted windshield is also available in a 70 mm longer variant.    

Keyless Ride

With Keyless Ride, from now on the key stays in your pocket. Because the keyless system is extremely convenient and lets the rider start their machine simply with the press of a button. The steering lock and fuel cap can also be unlocked this way. So the motto is: simply climb aboard and ride off!    


The intelligent emergency call automatically contacts the BMW call centre in the event of an accident in order to activate the rescue chain as quickly as possible. The vehicle position is transmitted and, if possible, an initial conversation with the person concerned is established. The system can also be triggered manually for instance to help other road users.    

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