The pulse accelerator

Your pulse beats in Nm

Just the Sport style with its perfect engine spoiler in Racing Red and the black milled parts show your love of the sport. With an extensive electronics package for even more athletic performance as well as the Headlight Pro including the adaptive cornering light, you are already far ahead even without a finish line.

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Dynamic ESA

Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) automatically adjusts the damping action of the suspension strut based on the driving conditions. Select different shock absorber settings while you ride, and set the spring preload with the push of a button when stationary.

Riding Mode Pro

With the Riding Mode Pro, the range of applications of the machine can be extended considerably, while the control systems are also sensitive to banking. In addition to the throttle response, the control behaviour of ABS Pro, MSR, and the dynamic traction control (DTC) as well as the standard settings for Dynamic ESA are also adapted to the selected mode.

Shift assistant Pro

The Shift assistant Pro allows upshifting and downshifting without clutch operation in almost all load and engine speed ranges. Thus, the assistant ensures noticeably reduced shift times and eases the burden on your clutch hand, providing increased dynamics, riding pleasure, and comfort.

Sporty design elements

Collapsible clutch and handbrake levers

The CNC milled hand levers made of corrosion-resistant anodised aluminium have three settings for the desired gripping distance and are provided with a defined folding torque via the folding mechanism in order to reduce potential crash damage. Their look perfectly matches the design of the bike and emphasises your individuality.

Adjustable rider footrests

The rider footrest made of black anodised aluminium combines dynamic visuals with ergonomics and athleticism of the highest level. Thanks to the grooved tread surface and three-level height settings, the footrest also guarantees additional hold and perfect vehicle control.

Hand brake lever guards

The hand brake lever guards make a clear statement in terms of uncompromising sportiness. The curved bracket made of aluminium and plastic protects the brake and clutch lever on the handlebar from being inadvertently activated when touched by another vehicle and the vehicle from being damaged in an accident.

Engine spoiler

The elegant three-part engine spoiler made of shock-resistant and UV-resistant plastic guarantees an individual, sporty look. The side parts painted in the vehicle's colours create a striking visual accent.

Headlight Pro

With Headlight Pro, the headlight has iconic lighting elements that function as a position and daytime running light. In connection with the adaptive cornering light, this improves the rider’s ability to see and be seen, making rides safer.


Tinted Sport windscreen

In the Sport style, the bike shines in the luminous Racing Red paint. A striking contrast is created by the radiator grille and the middle tank cover in technical Granite Grey metallic matt, rims in Night Black, and gold-coloured fork tubes. The shorter and tinted Sport windshield emphasises the dynamic look.

The city collector

Urban discoveries

Past traffic jams, always a shortcut in the back of your mind. You snake through the urban web intuitively. Your bike matches you and your life precisely thanks to its ergonomic variety and seat heights of 775 mm - 870 mm. It is easy to start using Keyless Ride. Practical and always with you: the small top case for all essential errands.

In the colour Light White, the basic model demonstrates sporty effortlessness. The radiator grille and centre tank cover are kept in Granite Grey matt metallic, the seat is black. The rims in White Aluminium metallic matt complement the clear design.

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Keyless Ride

With Keyless Ride, from now on the key stays in your pocket. Because the keyless system is extremely convenient and lets the rider start their machine simply with the press of a button. The steering lock and fuel cap can also be unlocked this way. So the motto is: simply climb aboard and ride off!

Heated grips

Cold hands are a thing of the past: The electrically-heated grips provide multi-level control. They increase the comfort and bring more security, because with warm hands and more feeling in the fingers, the vehicle control is simply better. The grip heating is conveniently operated via a multifunction switch on the handlebars.

Hand lever guards

The hand lever guards make a clear statement in terms of uncompromising sportiness. The curved bracket made of aluminium and plastic protects the brake and clutch lever on the handlebar from being inadvertently activated when touched by another vehicle and the vehicle from being damaged in an accident.

Luggage rack

Store a top case or other luggage pieces easily and securely on the stable luggage rack made of powder-coated die-cast aluminium. Because the top case rack plate is secured to the motorcycle and protected from vibration, you will notice how much better your bike rides at high speeds with a top case attached.

Small top case

Small top case, 30 l

The waterproof plastic top case with a volume of 30 litres provides enough space for a helmet. The cover, which is optionally available in Asphalt Grey metallic matt, Black storm metallic, Racing Red, or Light White, and the soft-close hinges, which enable a gentle lowering of the cover, underline the high-quality impression.

Tyre pressure control (TPC)

The tyre pressure control (TPC) provides information about the current tyre pressure and informs the rider of potential dangers early on in case of pressure loss. The values can be called up via the cockpit display. A yellow tail lamp and a red warning light automatically indicate a relevant deviation from the setpoints while riding.


The intelligent emergency call automatically contacts the BMW call centre in the event of an accident in order to activate the rescue chain as quickly as possible. The vehicle position is transmitted and, if possible, an initial conversation with the person concerned is established. The system can also be triggered manually for instance to help other road users.

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